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Cobb NIS-006 or NIS-008 Accessport Engine + Transmission Programmer & Custom Tune


SBD 102mm (4″) Super Race Spec V-Band Exhaust w/ 125mm (5″) Titanium Tips (Without Mufflers)


SBD 102mm (4″) Race Spec Non-Resonated V-Band Midpipe


SBD 90mm (3″) Race Spec (Catless) Bell Mouth Cast Downpipes


SBD 3″ Intakes w/ Removable Brackets/ KN Filters (Black or Red Wrinkle Finish


Bosch EV14 Series 1150cc Injectors w/ Plug-N-Play Harnesses


Deatschwerks DW300C 340lph Pumps (2)

R35 GTR Stage 2 Performance Package

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